Artist Statement

Since I first began painting in the 1970s, my work has explored the relationship between color, geometry, and the flatness of the picture plane. For the past two years I have been working with permutations of the square. My aim is to present the many faces of the square and to make it appear as something other than what it is— a two-dimensional geometric shape. For example, by arranging subtly gradated bands of color within the boundaries of the square, I can create a concave or convex spiral. In effect, I am creating the illusion of depth while still using completely flat color. The depth of the illusion is controlled by the span of the color intervals.

To some, these parameters may seem limiting. To me, they are liberating. I thrive on setting up my own rules and seeing how far they will bend without actually breaking, in the same way I love the discipline of laying in the precise bands of paint using a traditional ruling pen.

For the foreseeable future, I will continue this expedition into the square, using more and more subtle shifts in color and value. The possibilities to create new forms are limitless and exciting.


Artist Biography


Peter Bill is a British artist who puts a new spin on geometric abstract painting. He creates crystal clear contemporary illusions. Applying the subtle gradation of bands of color using technical drawing tools coupled with traditional paintbrushes, his images weave in and out creating a third dimension within the confines of a flat surface. Bill draws inspiration from the op-artists but uses color rather than line to create illusion. His crisp, colorful paintings echo the architectural splendor of modern city life and fit like the missing piece of a puzzle into the New York metropolitan area landscape. Fresh works for a new metropolis and millennium.

Recent exhibitions include a two-man show with Joseph II at Rock Soup Studios’Project 001 Gallery and “Color Force“ a solo exhibit at LITM in Jersey City. Past exhibitions include 3 solo shows at Cooper Gallery in Jersey City and numerous group exhibitions in New York and New Jersey including “Postcards from the Edge” at Robert Miller Gallery; “Abstraction” at HBO Corporate Headquartersand “Genderplex” at the Puffin Room in Manhattan; “Racizm” and “Catholicism”in the 4th Floor Gallery at 111 First Street in Jersey City and “Artists Within the Tao” at City Without Walls in Newark. He also created the 17-foot by 15-foot peace sign in the unfinished “Relationships” mural on Observer Highway in Hoboken.

Born in Glasgow, Scotland and raised in South London, England, Bill studied art at Camberwell School of Arts & Crafts and City & Guilds of London Art School in London. He is a permanent resident who came to the New York metro area in 1978. His paintings are included in the corporate collection of the BISYS Group Inc. in NYC and in private collections throughout the US, Italy and the U.K.


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